Katharien de Villiers

Nothing is ever lost but preserved in the air. Within what is known as the “progress of ideas”, it is clear that philosophical discourses have been built up on the basis that ideas have always existed with reference to previously given premises, to certain preceding ideas. De Villiers' practice is founded on a kind of sense impression. Can things be brought out into the open air? 'You’re there, your works advancing and then you see something. Something appears, and you’ve got an apparition, like in religion. Sorts of visions of reality, more real than anyone thinks. Most of the time you pay no attention to what people are saying or to the things around you. You’re in a kind of haze or fog. And suddenly you’re paying attention and you catch on. That’s why I never push things. I wait till they strike home.'

2015 MFA in Installation, passed with highest distinction, KASK, Gent, Belgium.
2012 BA (FA), distinction in Sculpture and Studiowork, Stellenbosch School of Fine Art, Stellenbosch Universiy.

2015 the palace of illness in beauty. MAP, glaze gang, KASK, Gent, Belgium http://www.hln.be/regio/wat-te-doen-in-gent/masterprojecten-33-

2016 Nothing Personal, SMAC gallery, South Africa.
2016 From Whence They Came, SMITH, Cape Town.
2016 How Blushing Foot and Scissor met on the Fourth Floor of Atlantis,Kalashnikovv gallery.
2016 SKETCH. SMITH, South Africa.
2015 Drawing a group show. GUS gallery, Stellenbosch.
2015 Ensayo Para Una Exposición. Combo gallery. Cordoba, Spain. In collaboration with Olga Micinska, Erika Roux, Christopher Squier and Lisa-Marie Vlietstra.
2014 Vibrations ofF. Kristof de Clercq Gallery. Gent, Belgium. In collaboration with Honore d'O and ManfreDu Schu.
2014 the horizon apparatus. Tumult Gent. KASK cinema. Gent, Belgium.
2014 7E. Apartment exhibition. Lange Boomgaardstraat 7E, Gent, Belgium.
2013 They put alternating currents in our head. Zwarte Zaal Gallery. Gent, Belgium.
2013 uttering the myth. Slee Gallery. Stellenbosch, South Africa.

2017 Cape Town Art Fair, Cape Town. Unframed section, “The Carwash: a Declaration of the Independence of the Imagination and the Rights of
Man to His Own Madness”
2016 That Art Fair, Cape Town. “Umhlanga”

2017 March Nirox Sculpture Park, Johannesburg, South Africa
2015 July & August La Fragua Artist Residency, Belalcazar, Cordoba, Spain.

2016 Activating the Void. Inter- magazine, “Inter(space)”. Curated by Inter-**http://inter-magazine.co.za/.
2014 The Archive. Labyrint Press, "All the faces in the window are smiling". Curator: Maria Kotlyachkova.