Dani Bischoff finalist for Barclays L'Atelier 2015

We are so proud of Dani Bischoff as she has been selected as a Western Cape finalist for Barclays L’Atelier 2015. This talented photographer will be showing with SMITH in the year ahead and will be taking part in our next group show Current.


Next Solo Exhibition at SMITH: 'Pleasuring Ground' by Grace Cross

Smith is pleased to present an exhibition of new paintings by Zimbabwean born, Chicago based artist Grace Cross. In her first solo exhibition, titled ‘Pleasuring Ground’, the artist offers us glimpses into a subliminal fragmented territory of her own making.



SMITH a new contemporary fine art gallery opened its doors this week.

Located at the city’s inner heart, SMITH, owned by inspired photographer Candace Marshall-Smith and curator Amy Ellenbogen, is situated at 56 Church Street, part of the pedestrian-friendly zone of this artery now so synonymous with art, antiques and culture.


Q&A with our next artist who we will be profiling at SMITH: Grace Cross

Tell us where you are right now?
I am currently living in snowy America, pursuing my MFA at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Your childhood greatly influences your work, tell us more?
I spent most of my childhood in different parts of world, which I think opened me up to myriad belief systems and cultural societies. For me, the act of looking into different cultures from the outside, created a formative distance that contributes to the things I make today. I think feeling like you don't quite belong somewhere is an incredibly rich place to make work from.