Q&A with our next artist who we will be profiling at SMITH: Grace Cross

Tell us where you are right now?
I am currently living in snowy America, pursuing my MFA at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Your childhood greatly influences your work, tell us more?
I spent most of my childhood in different parts of world, which I think opened me up to myriad belief systems and cultural societies. For me, the act of looking into different cultures from the outside, created a formative distance that contributes to the things I make today. I think feeling like you don't quite belong somewhere is an incredibly rich place to make work from.


SMITH opens its doors on 25 February

Join us as we celebrate the opening of SMITH fine art gallery with a solo show by Kurt Pio on Wednesday 25 February from 6pm.


SMITH opens its doors with a solo show by KURT PIO

Pio’s ardent love affair with Cape Town is explored, expressed and communicated through his paintings and artistry. This particular body of work looks at materialising Cape Town as a globally recognised destination through a series of pieces that capture the colours, symbols and images that represent life in Cape Town. From the repurposing of Instagram images into thought provoking artworks to creating symbolic sculptures by overlaying surfboards with a variety of materials, Pio translates the fascination with objects of desire.


SMITH visits New York - Part One

SMITH was recently in New York and spent time ogling the Picasso and Jacqueline Show at Pace on East 57th Street which explored Picasso's fascination with Jacqueline Roque, his long time muse and wife. Many of the works were on loan from the family estate and were on view to the public for the first time, while others were on loan from private collections and museums including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, MOMA and the Centre Pompidou in Paris. The exhibition was curated over 3 years by Arne Glimcher, the founder of Pace.