A Q&A with artist Marsi van de Heuvel

SMITH: Please can you tell us a little about your journey as an artist thus far?

MvdH: From the beginning a decided Art was all I wanted to pursue and felt fortunate to be sure of what I wanted to do. I committed. Although my subject and medium has changed over the years, the concepts in all my work have had common themes; I have come to realize this quite recently.

SMITH: Can you tell us a little about your creative process and approach?

MvdH: If there is a pattern or formula for how I approach work, I am unaware of it. Sometimes I'm drawn to the idea of an image and feel compelled to make it and explore what it represents, other times a concept or message feels important to me and I find an image to translate it. The choice of medium and size to convey the image comes naturally but with some consideration. I try not to overthink the process to allow it to happen as organically as possible.

SMITH: How would you describe your work?

MvdH: It Is very time consuming, meditative, layered, repetitive; a juxtaposition of control and letting go. My work is full of contradictions, the constant theme of broadening perspectives and the loss of the separate self, yet it's my own personal journey that led me here in the first place. I sit in solitude making tiny marks to represent big things.

SMITH: What informs your choice of subject matter?

MvdH: Everything informs my subject matter- random conversations with strangers, personal relationships, my environment, culture, history, nothing is separate: it's all integrated. An artist is alway working.

SMITH: When you’re not making art, what are you likely to spend your time doing?

MvdH: When I'm not drawing or painting I'm researching by making connections with like minded people, investigating, reading, traveling, dancing and celebrating as much as I can.

SMITH: What is your favourite city and why?

MvdH: I'm not sure if I've been there, I haven't been everywhere yet. Everyplace has something to offer.