FNB Joburg Art Fair 2017

Thu, September 7, 2017 to Sat, September 9, 2017

SMITH is pleased to present its third presentation at the FNB Joburg Art Fair. This larger group show focuses on the core artists from within SMITH across a broader range of mediums.

A large scale drawing by Marsi van de Heuvel, scrim and canvas painting by Jeanne Gaigher, large scale paintings from both Banele Khoza and Stephen Allwright and introducing sculptor Frank Van Reenen and photographer Osborne Macharia.

Marsi van de Heuvel:

“The Swartberg mountain pass allows you to move through great ancient untamed earth- home to hundreds of plant species and remarkable quartzite and contorted rock. This passage can function as existential measuring scale, offering stillness, perspective and constancy in our loud fast changing world.

Osborne Macharia:

“This is the story of a group of former female circumcisers living in the vast salty plains of lake Magadi who abandoned their former practice and took up Ethnic Fashion as an alternative livelihood. They now shelter young girls escaping early marriage, teaching them on fashion skills such as styling, fashion design, print work and modeling for both local and international runways.

Little is known about them till now…”

Stephen Allwright:

“These works are a response to persistent, and often contextually barren, uninvited (and invited) intrusions into my private space. In creating a domestic context, in which to situate these provocative and at times malignant intrusions I am able to evaluate them within familiar surroundings. In the act of letting the images find their way onto the paper their stridency dissipates and the context becomes one of my choosin”.

Banele Khoza:

“The work on exhibition was a break from complete introspection. After experiencing my first heart break I wanted to break away from myself and not be confronted by emotions

I started inviting a model to sit for me and use them as a skeleton to my diversion to my head space, within the process it challenged both the sitter and me from comfort of having a nude male in my private space and also for the model to sit in front of a stranger, later it was the insecurity of not being a realistic painter and having the model critique my skill and if it’s worth the hours sitting. The model also had his own insecurities- of his body.

The series is in hope to rewrite and shift the gaze of the female form to the male as history has exploited the female nude and has written her as emotional and vulnerable. The series investigates male vulnerability and a representation of the male (anti macho).”

Jeanne Gaigher:

“The painting is part of a series of experiments to expand a simple personal object (my 4 year old dress) into an expanded interior experience. The title is an album that I love that gives narrative or atmospheric structure for me. It gives me the feeling that I’m working inside a timeline, something that has a beginning and an end – I’m just not exactly sure what they are yet – that’s what the paintings are for, to figure it out. I also like working with the idea that something borrowed like the music and something personal that comes from a completely different context can cohere. “

Frank Van Reenen:

“No Man’s an island except for this guy” deals, I guess, with the mystery of our (and everybody else’s) existence.