Investec Cape Town Art Fair 2018

Wed, February 14, 2018 to Sun, February 18, 2018

SMITH is pleased to present its third exhibition at the Investec Cape Town Art Fair. This larger group show focuses on both emerging and more established artists associated with SMITH, and delves into a broader range of mediums.

Large scale paintings by Rosie Mudge, Dale Lawrence, Jeanne Gaigher, Banele Khoza and Elsabé Milandri, a detailed fineliner drawing by Marsi van de Heuvel, a diptych by Grace Cross, water-based oil paintings by Gabrielle Raaff, a felt tapestry by Michaela Younge, large scale bronze sculptures by Frank van Reenen and Anna van der Ploeg, an installation by Katharien de Villiers, mixed media paintings by Stephen Allwright and Gitter Möller, and photography by Nico Krijno.

Anna van der Ploeg:

“Sometimes, as in the chronic wind-battered earth of Princess Vlei, they seem like the last things still to grow. They begin green, supple almost-flowers before drying to brown. We call them duiweltjies, horned kernels that defend their land with the same method we employ to offer security.

Banele Khoza:

“I find text to be a form of a deep expression. It is said a picture can tell a thousand words, but often when I am going through something and need to express it visually, I like to contextualise the exact moment in the form of words I would have heard from an individual. I love writing, too. I write daily and many of these texts remain a private penmanship. Sometimes, I feel no image can express an exact thought, and that is when I’ll embrace text in the works.”

Marsi van de Heuvel:

“My work currently explores art as therapy; studying how immersive images of nature can potentially facilitate the healing process. The intention is to evoke a sense of well-being. Nature’s Valley is a restorative place for me, I want to share and celebrate that.”

Michaela Younge:

“The risotto with scallops is where hope goes to die - JR” is set in a large dining hall, decked with floral wallpaper and white linen table cloths. February the 14th, an older man is stood up by his date, a camera photographs his disappointment, while a horse has a romantic dinner for one at the next table. The dog, a slueth, calls out the waiter who hides his true amphibian appearance with the skin of a human face.”

Rosie Mudge:

“The work is made with automotive paint and glitter glue on canvas - an unconventional layering of mediums outside of traditional painting practise. This large-scale abstract is an indulgence in medium and scale and a break-away from the restrictions of fine-art practice. Drawing inspiration from the colour-field painters of the 1940’s and the subsequent years of pop art and the YBA’s, these works draw from history the ghosts of Tracey Emin’s sass and Mark Rothko’s contemplative sadness. They are at once a glance at modernism as well as a cheek turned toward post modernism.”

Stephen Allwright:

“Ink forces me to commit to a particular drawing. A single sweep of the pen encompasses a distinct passage from one point to another. I have been using pen and ink predominately of late because the practice of making pictures in this medium has filtered into the way I allow a thought or emotion to emerge in my mind.”