‘MOTHER IS A DRUM’ – Reflections on womanhood from a mother

MOTHER IS A DRUM is a solo exhibition by Grace Cross at SMITH Studios. The show deals with the birth of the artist’s child and the solemn epiphanies of motherhood. Making use of symbols in her paintings, the viewer is confronted with images of famished mouths, a woman with breast pumps–reminding one quite starkly of the image of Rachel McAdams on the cover of Girls. Girls. Girls magazine­–as well as images of mushed up food and leaking breasts. Her paintings leave traces of ambiguity containing odd comparisons and uncomfortable smiles.


Tiago Rodrigues

Tiago Rodrigues (b.1988) originally from Paarl in the Western Cape. After completing high school he moved to Cape Town. Rodrigues began working as an artist’s assistant for a number of South African artists, and from there he was accepted into Michaelis School of Fine Art where he graduated his BAFA majoring in Sculpture, with a distinction in Discourse of Art.


EDIT MAN - Banele Khoza feature written by Nothemba Mkhondo

Banele Khoza’s striking silhouettes of male bodies and abstract figures bleed translucent, sweet-coloured hues, like watercolour on canvas. His charcoal scribbled words read like a diary — a stream-of-consciousness glimpse into the mind of an artist interrogating love, identity, and gender, with distinct vivid portraits.