Michael Linders | The philosophy of bullshit

From Bhagwan’s Rajneeshism to Jim Jones’ The People’s Temple, cults have a long, fascinating history. Their working mechanisms of manipulation, isolation and brainwashing have been studied and analysed in books, articles and documentaries, but there is something ghoulishly attractive about them that makes us wonder: how is the life inside a cult? Artist Michael Linders explores so in his solo show I’m Done, on view at Smith in Cape Town until February 15, where he’s presenting a variety of artworks exploring idolization, egomania, psychology, community and group behaviour.

You’ve recently opened I’m Done, your second solo show at Cape Town’s art gallery Smith. But it’s not a regular exhibition; it’s a sort of site-specific installation emulating the headquarters of a cult you’ve invented, named I’m Done. But how did you first think of this idea? What sparked your interest in cults?

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